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If you need assistance, call us at 845-437-7229 or email us at lli@vassar.edu.

Class Format

Lifelong Learning courses encompass a wide range of subjects in social sciences, physical sciences, the arts, life and leisure activities, that are taught by volunteers—including retired and active faculty, outside experts and members. Most classes will be conducted in small groups ranging in size from 10 to 45 held in classrooms in Kenyon Hall and Blodgett Hall; although, classes may be held in other locations including some held off campus.


Applications for presenters for Fall 2018 are now closed.

Application for Presenters for Spring 2019
Please list any AV needs on the application.

If you wish to offer a single event during our regular semester, please complete the Single Event Application.


Moodle Course Site

The Lifelong Learning Institute has a Moodle course site for every class. You can share resources such as PDF files, photos, short films or audio, and more. We recommend looking at other presenters’ sites to see how different people are using Moodle for their class. If you wish to place some material on your space, you can send it to us at lli@vassar.edu attn: Moodle site, and we will upload it for you. If you wish to learn to work the Moodle yourself, let us know and we will help you with it.


AV Availability and Support

The AV Committee will attempt to have a person trained in the Vassar AV systems present in each class.  Please list any AV needs on the Application for Presenters.

Here is a Cheat Sheet for the AV in all the rooms in Kenyon Hall. 


Campus Resources

See Campus/Resources for information about the Hospitality Room, campus maps, parking on campus, and library use.


Presenter Orientation

An orientation for presenters will be held at the beginning of each semester.