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Vassar College Campus map

Vassar College Interactive Campus map

Kenyon Hall first floor map

Kenyon Hall second floor map

Blodgett Hall map

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Parking and Shuttle

Parking and Shuttle

  • Park in the South Parking Lot of Vassar College (entrance off Raymond Avenue near the corner of Raymond & Hooker). There is an all-day shuttle from there to Blodgett and Kenyon. You may also call the shuttle (845-437-5221) from any location on campus and they will come and give you a ride, but please allow enough time. Unfortunately, there is only a few general parking spots available near Blodgett and Kenyon, so don’t count on finding one.
  • If you prefer to park and walk, please park in one of the following lots:
    • North Lot
    • Walker Field House Parking
    • Collegeview Ave General Parking
  • Physically Challenged Accessible Parking is available adjacent to Blodgett, Kenyon, Wimpfheimer Nursery School and Ely Lots.  However, parking is limited to a few DESIGNATED physically challenged spaces only.  Please do not use these spaces for all day parking unless it is absolutely unavoidable for you. If you use one, you must have a physically challenged parking permit.

To be clear: please park in one of the lots above.  DO NOT PARK in the Blodgett circle, Wimpfheimer Nursery School or at Kenyon Hall unless dropping off supplies, and then only for the time needed to drop supplies.  Thank you!


Class Location and Hours

On class dates, our Hospitality Room in located in Kenyon Hall, Club Room (KH 205)

List of class locations and hours will be posted in Kenyon Hall, Blodgett Hall and outside our Hospitality Room.


Hospitality Room and Dining

Kenyon Hall, Club Room (KH 205)

Here you can eat your brown bag lunch or snack between classes. There is a sign-up sheet to bring goodies—please sign up—and a jar for purchasing coffee.

If you prefer, you can have your lunch with regular students at the Retreat in the College Center (rear of Main Building) or in the dining hall, Gordon Commons in the Students' Building. There are also many restaurants along Collegeview Ave.


Moodle Course Site and Instructions

The Vassar College LLI Moodle is a website where presenters can share resources such as a PDF file, a photo, a short film, a piece of music, or a link to something elsewhere on the web with the members of their class. You can access the page to see if your presenter has placed material for your course, read the material, or download it.

Instructions for Members to use the Moodle

Instructions for members (non-presenters) to get into the VCLLI Moodle page in order to download material that the presenter placed there.

  1. Go to
  2. At the very bottom of the page, click "Local Login"
  3. Search courses for LLI
  4. Select the course/site, “Lifelong Learning Institute (Fall 2018).” You will see the title of all our courses. Select/click on the one you are enrolled in. If your presenter has any material for you, you can just click and open it or download it.


If you are a presenter, please access the LLI Moodle page and look at the way some presenters are using it. You will note that every class has a space assigned to it. If you wish to place some material on your space, you can send it to us at attn: Moodle site, and we will upload it for you. If you wish to learn to work the Moodle yourself, let us know and we will help you with it.


Vassar Library

You may use the Main Library during regular hours (M–F, 9am–5pm) without an ID card. As a member of LLI you can apply for a temporary ID at the front desk or online to borrow books, videos and use databases.


Additional Resources

Arts At Vassar 
On this page you will find arts-related feature stories as well as announcements of upcoming events sponsored by the departments of Music, Dance, Drama, and Film; exhibitions and events at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, the Palmer Gallery, and the Archives and Special Collections Library; and summer performances at the Powerhouse Theater.

Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve 
Situated on a 527.5-acre plot of land, the Vassar Farm is located on the southern side of campus, across Hooker Avenue.  Historically, the land was a working farm providing milk, pork, and vegetables to the college dining halls until 1957.

Being an LLI member does not entitle us to use the Walker Field House sports facilities or the swimming pool.