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Volunteer Opportunities

Executive Committee

Chair (Mihai Grunfeld), CC Co-Chairs (Sybil DelGaudio), Membership and Registration Coordinators (Sudhir Desai, Paul Stoddard), Treasurer (Larry Miller), Secretary (Joanne Valeo), 

General Council

  • Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership and Registration coordinators
  • Chairs of each committee
  • Two at-large members (Joan Blumberg and Carole Wolf)

Administration Committee Members 

  • Denise Laforgue-Administrative Assistant
  • Joanne Valeo-email member support
  • Howard Spilke-phone support 
  • Betty Olson-bylaws

Class Managers Committee

  • Chair: Joanne Valeo
  • For 2020: Take attendance, distribute on-line materials, distribute and collect on-line course evaluations, communicate with presenters and class members. Receive training re: Zoom and assist presenters during Zoom classes.

Curriculum Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Sybil DelGaudio
  • Coordination and planning of courses for Spring and Fall semesters. The members suggest and organize new classes, recruit new presenters and consult with presenters about classes.

Classroom Support Committee

  • Chair: Sybil DelGaudio
  • Contact and communication with members and presenters; provide Zoom support after being trained.

Member Services Committee

  • Chair: Terry Catapane
  • Maintain hospitality room (coffee, snacks), assist with social functions

Campus Support

  • Chair: Michael Yarmoski
  • Room reservations, parking and shuttling signage and support 

Public Information Committee

  • Chairs: Glen Conciatori and Roseanne Ashby
  • Outreach and marketing, newsletter, annual posters, postcard distribution, public announcements.  

Special Events Committee

  • Chair: Diana Salsberg
  • Plan and manage special events such as trips and tours, Fall and Spring luncheons, annual meeting. 


  • Mihai Grunfeld, Sarah Kennedy, Jo Hausam
  • Responsible for LLI Webpage, Facebook, Newsletter.