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Welcome to the Lifelong Learning Institute at Vassar College

What is a Lifelong Learning Institute?

We are an adult educational program affiliated with Vassar College offering a broad range of non-credit educational courses and activities to members 55 and over at a minimal cost. Classes are taught by volunteer members, retired and active faculty, and outside experts. LLI at Vassar College is a volunteer-run organization. It is designed for adults who love to learn and who wish to contribute to the larger community in their pursuit of knowledge.

The LLI (Lifelong Learning Institute) at Vassar College believes that education is essential at every age. We are called on to continually expand our knowledge, so we might participate fully as citizens in our democracy. The education process is individually motivated as well as collaborative, with new ideas and new skills often introduced by others with a commitment to sharing. As we age, life experiences enhance our education. We are fortunate that members with unique perspectives, skills, and expertise are willing to share them with us.

Vassar LLI is committed to forming a community that will advance the education of its members in a collaborative fashion. When we study, explore, and discuss together, we model engagement and expansion for each other. Most classes will be conducted in small groups to promote discussion, informed by the interests and knowledge of both volunteer instructors and LLI members.